Problems with ofThread and ofSystem(command) …

Dear openFrameworkers,

for a studies colleague and friend of mine, I tried to rewrite his tiny OSX/XCode application from scratch—porting it from Processing to openFrameworks. Unfortunately, the application won’t start and I can’t quite tell why.

I set up ofThread to run a shell command via ofSystem. The stream of data which is received there should be processed in update() and draw(). The stream is lines of hex code, each line looking like e.g. ‘0003 0035 0000024b’ … I’m adding each line to a deque and then I’m creating a vector from each line, in which I can ofHexToInt-convert the line to three separate values—we need those values as coordinates.

We both would be very happy if someone maybe could review the code and tell me, what’s the problem.

Link to src/ on GitHub …

Thank you in advance!