Problems with oF in Qt Creator 4.0.0, fresh installation


I’ve been working with openFrameworks and Qt in Linux Ubuntu 14.04 since almost a year. I moved to another computer so I installed the same linux ubuntu distribution and the same openframeworks version 0.9.3. What is upgraded is the Qt creator (the old where I was working is 3.6.1) which is 4.0.0 because I used the online Qt installer.
So, I’ve installed oF but when I try to create a projet using the projectGenerator and open it in Qt, it throws the strange error that the “RangeError:Maximum call stack size exceeded” and points to the oF libraries and files: openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/qtcreator/ofApp.qbs
The same happens if in Qt I want to create a new oF project… same error.

Then, the worst… the project on which I was working uses some threads, now, when I try to rebuild the project, it throws more than a thousand errors with “undefined references” to several common objects such as

…/openFrameworks/libs/poco/include/Poco/Mutex_POSIX.h: error: undefined reference to ‘Poco::SystemException::SystemException(std::string const&, int)’

and many more related.

the code is not the problem, because the project is working on the old computer with the old Qt. But in this one, I can not find which is the problem… besides the Qt Creator version, I did exactly the same. Has someone else experienced something similar? or would have some idea? Im very very frustrated :frowning:
Thanks for the help in advanced!


I had to install Qt creator 3.6.1 and worked just fine

just for you to know that Qt creator 4.0 has problems when working with openFrameworks

happy coding!


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You can also use the nightly version. Qt Creator (windows): RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded