Problems with gl in a macOS virtual machine

Hi, I’m using macOS Sierra v10.12.6 on a VirtualBox machine. I made a new app with the OF project generator and when I try to compile and run it from Xcode, I get the following error:
[ error ] ofAppGLFWWindow: 65544: NSGL: Failed to create OpenGL pixel format
[ error ] ofAppGLFWWindow: couldn’t create GLFW window
I can’t run glInfoExample, I have the same output as before. The fact is that a new window with the OF image is created and also the process but I got nothing.

I had a similar problem, but the other way around! (Running Windows in a VM) In the end I had to get VMWare Fusion as I couldn’t get GL to work inside VirtualBox (although I have a feeling it should be possible)

Anything related to openGL will fail or not work correctly on VMs. That’s what I can tell from my experience.

I can confirm that oF and openGL do indeed work at least in my VM setup : a Windows 10 VM inside VMWare Fusion running on a Mac.

@seb_ly that’s cool. I think that I’ve been able to use OF on Windows running Parallels on macos. It worked but several gl features didn’t like FBOs for instance. Maybe VMWare has better GL support.

Yep just tested it with FBOs and it works fine, if a little slow. I expect it’s probably harder the other way around! (OSX VM inside Windows)

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