Problems with Emscripten

So I’m following the instructions specified on [this site][1] to install emscripten and I am having some difficulty.

I’m running the most recent git version of openFrameworks with QtCreator on the most recent Kali distro (Debian Jessie).

After downloading and unpacking the ‘Portable Emscripten SDK for Linux and OS X’ I went through all these steps fine:

./emsdk update

./emsdk install latest

./emsdk activate latest

However, when I get to the stage of running source ./ to set the system path to the active version of Emscripten I am having some issues.

Below is a copy and paste from terminal:

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ ls
ams-2.1.1.tar.bz2 emsdk_portable
bitwig-studio-1.3.0.deb emsdk-portable.tar.gz
claws-mail_3.11.1-3.dsc processing-3.0.1-linux64.tgz
eclipse-installer steam_latest.deb
eclipse-inst-linux64.tar.gz week 6 - slides.pdf
$ cd emsdk_portable
$ ls
clang emscripten emscripten-tags.txt emsdk emsdk_manifest.json node zips
$ source
sh: 56: source: not found
$ ./
./ 22: ./ pushd: not found
Adding directories to PATH:
PATH += /home/jasoncream/Downloads/emsdk_portable
PATH += /home/jasoncream/Downloads/emsdk_portable/clang/fastcomp/build_master_64/bin
PATH += /home/jasoncream/Downloads/emsdk_portable/node/4.1.1_64bit/bin
PATH += /home/jasoncream/Downloads/emsdk_portable/emscripten/master

Setting environment variables:
EM_CONFIG = /home/jasoncream/.emscripten
EMSCRIPTEN = /home/jasoncream/Downloads/emsdk_portable/emscripten/master

./ 28: ./ popd: not found
$ source
sh: 58: source: not found

Any ideas?? Many thanks in advance!



I have the same problem, on MacOS 10.12. Anybody have tips for this?…

source should work but you can replace source with .

like instead of:


seems like you are also missing popd and pushd but not sure why those would be missing since they are pretty standard bash tools, perhaps you have some non standard replacement for sh?