problems with easing example

Hi, I am trying to build the easing example from, but I am getting errors from both files particle.h and .cpp.

I think it is better if I attach an image, I guess it is an issue about ofAddons.h, but I haven’t found the way to make it work. I have tried putting ofAddons.h on the addons folder and on the src folder, but the I get the same errors

Can you tell me what am I missing?, thanks.


![]( image.jpg)

you need to add ofAddons.h to your project. you can right click the project name and click add files and add it.

Actually, ofAddons.h is not used anymore, you need to add the ofxVectorMath addon in order to compile properly

Hi, I tried adding ofxVectorMath.h and including it in particle.h but I get the same errors, the same happens if I include it in main.cpp, I don´t know where to include it to compile successfully.

Any ideas of what am I doing wrong?



hey ricardo

here’s another implementation for tween in oF, it’s tested in 006:

Thanks arturo, I’m using it now with no problems.