Problems with drawing simple objects.

Hi! Basically i have a very simple class called Object, based on what i found on the wiki about basic particle systems ( I don’t want anything that complicated (even if it isnt), i’m taking physics in school and i figured i would try to play with a few of these things in a application, allowing me to do stuff like throwing objects and whatnot.

The problem is however that i seem unable to move the simple object i have created. The drawing ofcourse gets done in testApp::draw, i’ve even tried adding stuff to keyPressed to be able to move the object by pressing the arrow keys, yets not moving nor updating the values.

This is not my first time programming but its been years since i used C++, i mostly just code in Ruby these days.

I’m thinking i’m doing something relatively simple wrong, i get no errors and a unrelated warning.

What am i doing wrong?

Below you will find my little project, i code on my macbook but i don’t think i have used any platform specific includes so far. :slight_smile:

With the help of someone else we figured it out… I was being silly with pointers :slight_smile: