problems with bumblebee2

I have some problems with the bumblebee2. I tried to use the ofVideoGrabber in openframework to open the camera, but i can only get one of the camera working. How can i open the 2nd camera of the bumblebee at the same time?

here is some of my code:



I try to set the vidGrabber2 to device 1, which is: device[1] IIDC FireWire Video - Camera
but when i run the file the vidGrabber2 will automatically connect to device[2] which is the bulit in camera.


You have to use their SDK, not videograbber.

It is included when you buy the camera.

Its not so easy to use straight away. I have used this cam before, so has Golan. I’m not sure if because of licensing, if anyone is allowed to post/distribute their code.

Thanks for replying.

I looked at the website that you posted , but it seems that the software doesn’t support Mac computer. Is there another software i can use?

Are you sure you don’t want devices 0 and 1 rather than 1 and 2?

The other option besides Windows for the Point Grey SDK is to use Linux.

If you have to use OSX, you’ll need the OpenCV to do the stereo correspondence. But then you lose a lot of the advantages of having a Bumblebee in the first place…