problems using v0.05


I’m having a problem using v0.05 with xcode. What I’m working on is a sound visualization project using FFT.

I put my code from v0.04 to v0.05 FAT version, and everytime I tried to use something with ‘ofx-’ I get errors something like this:

error: ‘ofxCvGrayscaleImage’ does not name a type

My code can be downloaded from the following link,

can somebody help me, please.
oh, and I’m using loadScreenData to get texture from a screen, but it’s not working properly, I was wondering if anything I can look at to fix this.

Thank you.

please take a look at the addons examples in the FAT package –
in order to use the addons, you will have to do several things:

a) include ofAddons.h (which your code doesn’t)
b) use a #define to say which addon you want to load
c) include that addons source code (in the src folder)
d) any additional libs, etc that you want to link against.

it’s easer to integrate your older code into an exisiting addon example that works instead of doing the addon steps, since we haven’t documented all of them, but the XML file with the addon should help.

hope that helps

Thank you, Zach.
I put all the code in openCV example, and now I’m getting this error for each function.

error: ‘void testApp::update()’ and ‘void testApp::update()’ cannot be overloaded

I was thinking going back to v0.04 version with CV addon, but I think it’s better to have code with the default setting.
Thank you.

error: ‘void testApp::update()’ and ‘void testApp::update()’ cannot be overloaded

you now have two versions of the update function, one in your old code, one in the new :slight_smile: when you integrate, you have to merge similar functions, etc…

take care,

Thank you so much, Zach.
I got it working now.
I didn’t declare functions twice, but figured out that simpleApp was not closed!