Problems using ofxIO's directory watcher and vim swp files

I am on osx 10.10.3, current master and I use vim 7.4.
ofxIO’s example_directory_watcher works perfectly, except if vim generates a swp file.

[ fatal ] ofThreadErrorLogger::exception: File not found: /Users/thomasgeissl/programming/of/openFrameworks/addons/ofxIO/example_directory_watcher/bin/data/.test.swp

If I generate it manually

touch .test.swp

it does not throw this error.

Has anyone had the same problems?
I will test it on a debian machine. Seems more like a vim issue.


The problem is somewhere in my .vimrc config file. Probably a good time to clean it.

Good to know – @thomasgeissl can you let me know when you find out what the problem is? I want to see if there is a way to work around it with ofxIO. Thanks!