Problems starting out with oF and Eclipse


I’m following the eclipse setup instructions as posted here:
and I managed to get a test project made by the project generator. However, when I try to complete step h (set project references) I can’t find the the addons and openFrameworks check boxes in the References tab in the project properties.

I’m probably missing something really obvious. Any ideas?

the current version of OF doesn’t include the project files for those yet, in the setup guide go down to the FAQ, there’s some links and instructions on how to set them up

Hi !
I am not sure that superkittens will see the answer but I had the same problem : no check boxes to pick up openFrameworks and addons references. Here’s is a solution in case somebody else would have the same issue :

  • right click on test projects (I kept the same name as in eclipse setup instructions for linux) in projects explorer -> properties -> Project references and check in all projects.
  • then C/C++ general -> includes tabs. Click on add… -> Workspace… and choose libs. Do it again for addons and openframeworks.

I’m not sure if it’s a really good way to tell eclipse how to use references but it seems to works. The project compils and there are all smart completions.

Hi All,
I’ve the same superkittens’ problem, and, @Arturo, my version has the “.project” files in libs and in addons (I’ve also downloaded those linked in FAQ section but the problem remains). If anyone see the .projects content it’s possible to see a very bare .project file that differs in amount of infos with that one contained in lib/openFrameworks (that also contain not only .project file but also .cprojectfile).

Has anyone a solution? Has anyone all .cprojectfile files?