Problems setting up ofxKinect

I’ve been trying to set up ofxKinect for almost a week now. I’ve tried following tutorials, adding it to different folders, uninstalling and reinstalling xcode and openFrameworks, and I keep getting errors. I’m sure I’m making the dumbest mistake, but I just can’t figure it out.

Right now I keep getting " Clang LLVM 1.0 Error - failed with exit code 1" whenever I try to run the example program.

Can anyone be so kind enough to explain simply how to install ofxKinect? I’m using Xcode4.6. Please Help.

So now when I change the SK to 10.7 or 10. 8 the errors are resolved, but it displays a message stating:

" Your Mac runs a version of OS X which is lower than your project’s minimum deployment target."

What now?

Wait… nevermind! I finally got it to work! Yes!!!

hey man! i have the same problem! can you help me?

Please share your solution so everybody can be informed