Problems making stand-alone visual studio OF application

So I’ve been making an OpenFrameworks application (with no add-ons) and have always built on macOS.
Now I’m trying to create a standalone windows port.
Everything works fine (I can create a release version in the bin folder) and it runs on my machine.
However, when I copy the bin folder to a clean installation of the newest Windows I get the error that a few DLL’s are missing.
All of these errors were removed after installing visual studio redistributable 2017 (
except for the “VCOMP120.DLL is missing from your computer” message.
Now visual studio redistributable installs vcomp140.DLL so I’ve been wondering how I can correctly export the application (just copying VCOMP120.DLL from the original machine didn’t work).

EDIT: In case you want to test it yourself, here is the binaries with the dll’s for the game:

Alright, I figured it out.

Apparently I need to install both visual studio redistributable 2017 from (
and the 2013 version (not the 2015 version):

I just bundle both installers with my OpenFrameworks application for now with appropriate installation instructions and everything seems to work fine.

very related to this topic:

So in the following forum post which you might have seen, SebastianSobotka recommends creating your own installer that encompasses the installers for the windows DLL’s.

Personally, I just placed both installers with my application, since that way the user also knows what he is installing at the end of the day.