Problems installing OpenNI and NITE for Kinect Xbox 360

Hi OF Community,

i am a complete beginner to OF world and starting a project for educational purposes soon.
For this i would like to build a program in which a video will be played and kids can control it with their bodies.
I have a Kinect xbox 360 and a Windows 10 OS (x64). My environment is Visual Studio 2015 Community (which was the free available version).
I purchased the books “Meet the Kinect” from Technology in Action and “Mastering Openframeworks” from Packt open source Publishing.
I decided to use the ofxOpenNi addon, therefore to install OpenNi and NITE, which are not very easy to find any more.
First i did try downloading Open NI (V1.5…4.0) here:
Going through the requirements, i get stuck here:
Go to the directory: “Platform\Win32\CreateRedist”.
x64 64-bit - Run the script: “RedistMaker.bat y 64 y”.
This will compile and prepare the redist exe files that includes everything.
which, in my case, is never created. So i cannot continue.
I found another source here:
i end up installing openNi 2.2 SDK for windows, which i thought is for Windows Kinect and not Xbox. Is it?

Is there any other way to do this or did you have the same problem?

I just want to be able to access my kinect sensor and use the ofxopenni addon for starters :slight_smile:

I would appreciate a helping brain:)


PS: i read through similar enquiries in the forum but could not make use of it…