problems in v0.061

Some examples compile Ok but don’t work in v0.061.
For instance, imageLoaderExample shows a empty window.
Changing the location of the jpgs or the file name in loadImage() doesn’t matter.

Mac OSX 10.5.8, Xcode 3.1.2

Thank You
Fiorenzo D.Ramaglia

if you run that app, can you choose the app preferences

menu → imageLoaderExample (or imageLoaderExampleDebug) → preferences

(or command + ,)

and see if this “use current working directory” is set to true. If so, can you unclick it, click OK and restart the app.

I’m not sure why, but we’ve seen this option on by default in certain cases, and we’re looking into it. if it’s on, it means that the directory is set wrong for loading in media.



Thank You,
I already checked “use current working directory” with no effect.
Everything works Ok in v0.06, with the same machine and configuration.


can you add

printf("my current directory: \n");  

in your setup and let us know what it says in the console ?


The console says “/”, the root.
Moving data/images/… directory in the root the program works.