Problems getting smooth/speedy video manipulation with ofAVFoundationPlayer

Hi all,

I’ve recently upgraded an old project from 0.8.4 to 0.9.8. The project used the ofVideoPlayer using QTKit to do some quick snapping to frames in videos (and also some scrubbing). Basically I have some audio and the video needs to snap to random frames on the beat. So it has to be fast. Anyway, I had it working flawlessly before the upgrade.

Now that QTKit video support is gone in the latest version of Mac OS, I have upgraded the project to use ofAVFoundationPlayer but any time i try and jump to a frame, the video often hangs for a while before playing. It is very “sticky”.

Video scrubbing hasn’t worked at all. I had to write my own “scrubber” to move through a sequence of jpegs.

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced similar problems? Or had any thoughts as to how to do this kind of thing in the latest version of OF without QTkit?

Thanks in advance for any help!!


Variable speed is not a strong point of avfoundation, and hence scrubbing. Choosing a codec will be very important. What are you using at the moment? Proress 422 gives much better results.

Hey, thanks for your response!

I’ve tried a few different ones but not much luck yet. Before I was using Motion JPEG A with good results but I don’t think AVFoundation supports this. So I wrote my own JPEG scrubber! But that only works for short video sequences.

I’ll try Proress 422 - but definitely any other thoughts or advice would be very valuable!