Problems duplicating example folder

Hi guys, just starting with OF and toying around with the syphon addon.

After some changes I got the 2 examples working.
changing deployment Target to 10.8
changing C++ Standard Library to libstdc++

After this I tried to duplicate the example to myApps folder in my OF folder and launch it.
First thing I noticed:
I cannot build the example anymore.
Made a new scheme which generated this error:
Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 1

What did I do wrong, I can see my Syphon addon in the folder structure and OF has no problem to build.
This is all pretty new to me, so I don’t understand why I suddenly lost the option to build my project.

Any help welcome

Try to close all oF xcode projects and work with only one example project at time…!

It seems what i did wrong was changing the name of the folder and project.
Apparently you cannot just change the name of the project.