Problems compiling ofxMaxim example for iOS in XCode

Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way but I’m having problems getting ofxMaxim working for iOS.

I’ve installed the iOS version of OF.

Then I’ve git cloned the latest version of Maximillian from their repo. From their openFrameworks folder I’ve dropped ofxMaxim folder into the OF addons folder. (This contains an install.xml file but I don’t see any way to ‘use’ the install.)

I’ve also copied their iOS example “maximFeatureExtractor0.8.4” into the OF folder examples/ios and I’ve opened the xcodeproj that it contains.

This wouldn’t compile. I’ve sorted the following problems:

My next problem is that it says ‘unordered_map’ file not found for #include <unordered_map> in ofConstants.h. I’ve done some searching which suggests there needs to be a compiler option -stdlib=libc++ but I’m unsure how to do this in Xcode… and I’m also wondering if I’m pursuing the wrong path. Is there an easier way to get ofxMaxim working for Xcode with an iOS target?