Problems compiling code out of combining examples of datgui and pdsp library

Greetings. My name is Tiago Morais Morgado. I am 28 years old. and i am based in braga, portugal. my background comprises an intersection between music and music tech. i studied classical music. musicology, music technology and sonology. i am currently trying to create a granular synth, out of combining some pre-existing open frameworks libraries. i followed the following steps:

cloned ofxpdsp and ofxdatgui into my add ons
created a new project using the open frameworks project creator
i grabbed some source code out of the granulator example of pdsp and the gui examples of datgui
i digged into the code, tweaked some variables, changed samples, and tried to replace the gui
my code can all be seen here:
i am getting the following error in line xt += component->getWidth() + pt+60: 
	pointing to THREAD_1:EXEC_BAD_ACCESS and giving me a memory address

i am running open frameworks 0.9.3 in OS X el capitan. i would appreciate all incoming help. best wishes