Problems after upgrade to Xcode 6

This should be a simple thing. I recently upgraded xCode to Version 6.0.1 and now when trying to run my old openFrameworks projects I get a Dependency Analysis Error

error: There is no SDK with the name or path '/Users/suse/Desktop/of_v0.8.4_osx_release/apps/myApps/SaoPaulo/macosx10.8'

How can I fix it?
It’s weird because actually I’m running it from of_v0.8.3_osx_release-folder…


ofx 0.8.3 is not compatible with Xcode 6. there were some minor changes in ofx 0.8.4 to address compatibility problems. Probably you will need to generate again your project with the project generator to be able to compile it.

Also, when you get an error like the one you are describing, yo have to change the SDK in the project configuration / build settings / base SDK. Xcode 6 only includes the 10.9 SDK.

Also, if you happen to use makefiles to build your project, I just updated the makefiles to be compatible with Xcode 6, so that’s still only available in the master branch.

yeah redoing the project under ofx0.8.4 did the job. thanks!