problem with Xcode on MAC 10.5


I’m new here! i’m nothing of a developer but just really interested in the OF thing and what u can do with it.

I’m working on a MACOS 10.5 and just installed Xcode 3.1.3 (so that it runs on 10.5) and codeblocks (do i need it?). I downloaded OF_v0061_win_cb. I put all 3 at the root of the developer folder

Now the thing is that when i try to open an example of app (i.e. apps/examples/emptyExample/emptyExample.workspace)… It just loads a page of code (like a Notepad doc)… I get nothing near what Zach showed here (

Can somebody help?
I just want to open an app example, and build and run it… just to test OF…

Please help!
cheers desde Barcelona


you’ve downloaded the openFrameworks windows version. You have to download
the x-code FAT (10.5) version. Then you can open the project files with Xcode.

if you are on a mac, you should download the OSX package, ie:…

hope that helps!

Sorry about this question tan tonta!

Thanks, works fine!