Problem with using a basic Gan in OF

Hi all,

This is my first post I am relatively a beginner of openframeworks as well as tensorflow. I am trying to configure the ofxTensorflow2 addon in order to display a Gan trained with Tensorflow using a jupyter notebook. I started of training a gan on the mnist dataset and were able to display an image of a number in of. I was wondering if I could get images of different digits generated by the gan each time I run the project and display multiple digits in of?
At the moment I am using the input for the gan like this:

input = cppflow::fill({1,100},ofMap(ofGetMouseX(),0,ofGetWidth(),-10,10);

As you can see the value is manipulated by the mouse and it changes the image accordingly. To be fair I have no idea what I am manipulating with the mouse from the model’s perspective. My other problem is that I can only display one image from the gan in OF and I would like to display multiple ones if it is possible.

Sorry for the long winded explanation.