problem with rtaudio specific to OS 10.5 leopard?

I have compiled my little audio app for windows and mac, and in most cases it runs fine, but three people have now reported problems on OS 10.5 leopard.

I am using the built in of real-time audio stuff, rtaudio, to record sound, play clicks, and play back recorded sound. It appears that, only in leopard, there is some weird nasty behavior. In one case that I directly observed, sound was recorded (the visualization of the waveform worked), the clicks played, but the recorded sound did not play. In the other cases, horrible nasty noises were made instead of the clicks, and playback did not work.

In my main post about this project in the examples forum ( ), I posted some of the code, in hopes that somebody would see something weird that I am doing strangely or incorrectly. But since this is specific to leopard… maybe this is an rtaudio bug?

Any ideas appreciated!