Problem with Project Generator settings


I am using nightly build v20220622 for msys2 because I could not install version 0.11.2

I couldn’t compiled a project generated by Project Generator

I set the openFramework path: in Project Generator to


but the config.make output by the project generator the path is not correctly

OF_ROOT in the config.make is

OF_ROOT = C:\openFrameworks\of_v20220622_msys2_mingw64_nightly\of_v20220622_msys2_mingw64_release

I was able to compile it by rewriting it as follows

OF_ROOT = /C/openFrameworks/of_v20220622_msys2_mingw64_nightly/of_v20220622_msys2_mingw64_release

How do I get the project generator to work correctly?

Thank you.

Do the existing examples compile okay for you?

Ping @oxillo

I confirm that examples will not compile when I set OF_ROOT as a Windows path (i.e. C:\openFrameworks). However, it compiles fine if I set OF_ROOT as a Linux path (i.e. /c/openFrameworks).

Rewriting the OF_ROOT to a unix path in Makefile solves the problem.

# make sure the the OF_ROOT location is defined
ifndef OF_ROOT
    OF_ROOT=$(realpath ../../..)

#Add the following line to Makefile
OF_ROOT:=$(shell cygpath -u $(OF_ROOT))

It is a quick fix.
Can you open an issue so we can work on a more definitive answer ?

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Thank you, oxillo and theo.

I opened an issue.

I’m using it for the first time, is this OK?