Problem with 'PocoFoundationd.lib'

Hi everyone…

Im a newbie for openFrameworks, i have a new project and effectly i have a new problem…

2>LINK : fatal error LNK1104: no se puede abrir el archivo ‘PocoFoundationd.lib’

I have tried follow the examples for setup the solutions and projects and its ok… these examples were compiled correctly, but i going to compiled my project and show me the past error…i dont know why occur this error

thanks for the help… aaaa… i am using vs2010 express
Andres Camilo


ok, good newsss…
I solved the problem, I compared the project properties between the WindowExample project and my project and missing this data:

  1. click project properties (Alt+F7) selecting the main project:
  2. Configuration properties > Preprocessor > preprocessor definitions
  3. the IDE show a winbox and in the “multiline textbox” write:

click ok
compile… and do it…

I wrote this solution if exist anybody with the same problem and I found the same problems without define solutions or real facts…

greetings (saludos)
Andres Camilo