Problem with OSX "Open With..." support with openFrameworks application


I recently developed a Sound Player app (let’s call it mySoundPlayer) with openFrameworks by using ofSoundPlayer. I added drag and drop support (which completely works when I first open the app then drag the MP3 file), but I also want to use my app without opening the application first, by only double-clicking an mp3 file on my mac.

My first problem was that OSX did not recognize mySoundPlayer when I tried to right-click on an MP3 file and choose mySoundPlayer from the application’s folder.

I solved that by adding MP3 filename to document properties inside Xcode. After that, I was able to see my application as available in the selection list.

However, the application opens perfectly without crashing but does not play the MP3 file and this error message pops out:

To sum up, this is my problem: My MP3 player app does not open the mp3 file that I am natively selecting it from OSX. I get the error dialogue: "The document “test.mp3” could not be opened. mySoundPlayer cannot open files in the “MP3 Audio” format."

Note that mySoundPlayer can play any MP3 file with drag and drop.

Anybody got any solutions to this issue?

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Did you ever manage to solve this? If so I’d be keen to know how. Thanks in advance!

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Hey @conorbailey, unfortunately I haven’t solved this yet and there were no replies/solutions here either. I am still struggling with this issue!

Nightmare. Would you mind if I had a look at what you have so far in terms of the drag and drop for audio?

is this still not solved?