Problem with oscpack.lib in VS2008


I’ve recently switched to VS2008 and have a problem compiling with oscpack.lib included in the OFv0.05FAT. I am getting this error:

fatal error C1047: The object or library file '..\..\..\addons\ofxOsc\libs\oscpack\lib\win32\oscpack.lib' was created with an older compiler than other objects; rebuild old objects and libraries  

Is there a solution to this? Must i recompile the oscpack.lib? If so, how do i go about doing it?

sorry but you are going to have to recompile oscpack – I will try to take a look at it today (I may have done this already) I think for the next release, we will look at supporting only one of the VS releases to avoid problems like this. It’s mega annoying.

If you want to tackle it, you can download here:

take care,

thanks! a lot. I’ll give it a try…