problem with opencv

I everybody !

I try to work with opencv but when I compil with the expamle code gave in this site (OpenCV addon V.01) I have an error which say : error : conflicting declaration “typedef struct ofRectangle ofRactangle”
error : “class ofRactangle” as a previous declaration as “class ofRactangle”

Could someone help me please ?

hey amo.

did you download the 0.05 fat version with addons? I don’t remember, but I think it had the opencv addon and should work out of the box. also is ofRactangle (with the a) something you added to make it compile?

anyway, if you’re already working with that version you can put in ofConstants.h what stefanix suggests here.


yes, just download the FAT package for a given compiler – I think you may have grabbed an older version of the addon?

you can check at … with the FAT, there is opencv inside, and all the examples ready to go.

take care,

Ok ! thank’s everybody ! :smiley: It work.