Problem with ofVideoPlayer (0.06) in Fedora 11

Hi, I have a strange visual problem when trying to play a video using ofVideoPlayer, no matter of what video format I try to play, always get the same result. I think I’m not missing any gstreamer plugin (have good, bad, ugly, gstreamer-ffmpeg). Even in the movie player example the same ploblem occurs.

You can find an example of what I’m talking about here:

Hope someone can help me and thanks in advance.

yes that’s a problem with newest versions of gstreamer, now they interpret video data as rgba by default so when reading it to the texture the aligining f the pixels is incorrect.

try with the fix for karmic here:

it’s already fixed there and should work with fedora too.

ps. please post everything linux related in the linux forum


Thanks Arturo and sorry about misplaced post :slight_smile: