Problem with ofVideoGrabber and Dazzle


I have made an application on my MacBook Mac Os X 10.5.5, and uses a Dazzle to grab the video (through VideoGlide). And it works perfectly on my machine. Today i had to run it on a friends MacBook Pro, but the app crashes in initGrabber()… The grabber works in other programs, and when the usb dazzle doesnt sit in the computer, it works fine (with iSight cam)… Any ideas??? I’m so lost…

Hey - this is a bug I noticed when a VideoGlide device is connected but OF tries to open the iSight.

Try setting the device id to the dazzle device with setDeviceID - if you don’t set it to the right ID and OF tries to open the isight because it sees it listed first then the app will crash when the Dazzle is connected.

Not sure if this is a OF bug or a VideoGlide / USBVision bug.

Gonna pick one up tomorrow to try it out.