Problem with ofImage, iOS and Xcode 7.3

Hi guys,

So I’ve got a project thats been running fine until i upgraded to Xcode 7.3. The issue is that using ofImage(fileName) logs an error “couldn’t load image from fileName”. I’ve done a bit of digging around and it seems to be line 199 from ofImage.cpp that is failing:

bmp = FreeImage_Load(fif, fileName.c_str(), 0);

bmp is NULL after this method call on Xcode 7.3. The same problem doesn’t occur on Xcode 7.2.1. Also, this only happens when I run on device, not on simulator.

I’ve tried this with of_0.9.0 as well as 0.9.3 and its the same for both. Also tested on iOS 9.2 and 9.3, with no difference.


Well it turns out I’m a bit of an idiot. My images were in a duplicate data folder that was embedded in the src folder. So my images weren’t in bin/data basically. As soon as I moved the images into there it worked! Not sure how it ever worked on Xcode 7.2, but there you go.