Problem with local addons

When I use local addons in a project, and when one of the local addon has dependent addons, the makefile seems to append unrelated paths to the dependency paths. For example, I’m using ofxHTTP, which uses a number of dependent addons, and one of them is ofxSSLManager. Here’s a snippet of output from make using the MAKEFILE_DEBUG flag:

---OF_PROJECT_DEPENDENCY_FILES--- ... `/home/pi/of91a6/addons/obj/linuxarmv6l/Debug/ofxSSLManager/./src/Global/FileLoader.d /home/pi/of91a6/addons/obj/linuxarmv6l/Debug/ofxSSLManager/./src/Guido/GuidoHelper.d /home/pi/of91a6/addons/obj/linuxarmv6l/Debug/ofxSSLManager/./src/Guido/GmnSvgStrOps.d` ...

The parts after ./ are some of my source files that are completely unrelated to the addon. It does that for every addon that is a dependent of a local addon. The makefile seems to assume they are in the default addons folder, even though they are added to the local addons folder (specified in addons.make using relative paths). Top level addons seem to be fine.

If I put the addons in the normal OF_ROOT/addons directory, then it seems to be working fine. I’m trying to compile the project under Raspbian using the default Makefile.

can you open an issue in the projecte generator repository? with local addons dependencies

I didn’t use project generator though, just the makefile in the empty project folder.

ah ok, then in the main repository: with makefiles and local addons dependencies

Sure, will do.