problem with little sound project!

hey folks!

i have a veryvery beginners problem with a little sound project i’m doing for school.

first of all: i use mac / xcode / of_preRelease_v0061_osxSL_FAT.

my project needs to be done until wednesday so a quick help would be great ;))

also i uploaded my entire project, because i’m sure that it’s better to take a look at it!

i REALLY REALLY would appreciate if someone would help me, because otherwise i’m a litte bit in trouble :(! but that’s just an extra point, the main problem is much more important!

so thank you very much in advance


patrick from germany

Hi Patrick, can’t you just put your audiofiles in the folder where mr. F just put his classical pice for the waveplayer example , and rename it in the folder structure, or in the wave.cpp and then use the rms the usual way? or have you manipluated the audiooutput example? perhaps you can do better with the waveplayer example.