Problem with Game of Life implementation

I am trying to translate Daniel Shiffman’s game of life from processing to oF. I am using a vector of vectors in place of Processing’s 2d arrays. I am getting the following error in the Vector.h file when I try to build: “No matching structure for initialisation of ‘value type’ (aka cell)”.

Here is my cell.h file:

class cell {  
    cell(int _x, int _y, int _w);  
    void savePrevious();  
    void newState(int s);  
    void display();  
    int x;  
    int y;  
    int w;  
    int state;  
    int previous;  

I think the error arises as a result of how I call my cell class in the GoL class header:

class GoL {  
    void init();  
    void generate();  
    void display();  
    void run();  
    int w = 8;  
    int cols;  
    int rows;  
    std::vector<vector<cell> > board;  

Can someone let me know if this is the correct way to set up the vector of cells?

Fixed! I was setting up the constructor incorrectly in the GoL implementation.

hi @MrKnott ! can you post how did you solve your problem? i think could be useful. I have also an GoL but with different approach. i wll post on my repo github also ,when i found it again and i have a bit of time…