Problem with finding python packages through open frameworks


I’m new in open frameworks, however, I believe that this issue is not totally OF related. I downloaded the cubist mirror project that operates through OF but its main code is written in python.

In that I call the python script and retrieve its outcome through OF. Here is my problem. It seems that, even though I have all the externals, when I call python through OF, they are not recognized. Other than that the project seems to work properly as well as the python script ( when I execute it through terminal it works like a charm ). I would appreciate any help.

Ps : I have an OS X operating system.

Hi Anna,
There isn’t much anyone can say without seeing some of your code. How do you call the script and where is it located?

If you’re using something like ofSystem(), try using the complete path to pythonsomething like

ofSystem('/usr/bin/python /path/to/your/');

You can see the complete path to Python by typing which python into the terminal.