problem with codeblocks version of OF to run

I have installed O.F. v0.74 on Codeblocks 10.05 on Win 7 64 to Program Files(x86) and have yet to get any of the example projects to run. I put the the files labeled add_to_codeblocks_mingw_include into MinGW/include. I also put the files from add_to_codeblocks_mingw_lib into MinGw/lib. The folder containing all the example files and the rest are on my desktop.

As the instructions stated, to start it all off I first opened the ImageSaverExample workspace file and compiled the entire openFrameworksLib. Everything appears fine in the Build log. After this step I closed the project out and then opened the ImageSaverExample project file, selected the main.cpp and through codeblocks ran the program. The program appears to launch but then almost instantly I get an error message from my operating system that says “imageSaverExamaple.exe has stopped working”. I also went to the bin folder and double clicked imageSaverExamaple.exe and got the same result. Is there something I can do to get this to work?

0.7.4 does not work with C::B 10.05 any more. get the current version (12.11?), and try again please. :slight_smile:

That was the problem. It works now. Thank you for your reply.

Can I suggest that the code::blocks tutorial hyperlink is changed to go straight to the download page for version 12.11? It will save people from getting confused.


sure you can! please open an issue here: - this is the bug tracker for the site (which contains the tutorial), this makes it much easier for us to track those requests.

I have oF v.0.7.4 and Code::Blocks v.12.11 on Windows XP. It successfully built examples …\math\trigonometricMotionExample and …\graphics\Color. But every attempt to run them ends
with “Process returned -1073741819 (0xC0000005) …” in the command prompt screen and “Process terminated with status -1073741819 …” in the “Build log” tab of CodeBloks output (“Logs & others”). Any suggestions?

having this problem this morning with openni example. Codeblocks keeps freezing and saying that the program has stopped working this is the only instance that I have encountered.

Checking for existence: C:\Users\Ciaran\Desktop\of_v0.7.4_win_cb_release\apps\examples\opeNI-SimpleExamples\bin\openNISample007.exe  
Executing: "C:\Users\Ciaran\Desktop\CodeBlocks/cb_console_runner.exe" "C:\Users\Ciaran\Desktop\of_v0.7.4_win_cb_release\apps\examples\opeNI-SimpleExamples\bin\openNISample007.exe"  (in C:\Users\Ciaran\Desktop\of_v0.7.4_win_cb_release\apps\examples\opeNI-SimpleExamples\bin)