Problem using ofxFluid on El Capitan (macOSX 10.11)

I have been trying to implement the obstacles in ofxFluid on a macbook air running Mac OSX 10.11 for a while and keep getting some strange behaviour. I reinstalled 10.10 on a mac mini and the obstacles run perfectly. I am unsure of how to fix this. The mac mini has an ivy bridge i7 and the air has a haswell i5. The openGL versions appear to be identical for both of these machines.

While running on the air I get the following error on the console:
[ error ] ofGLUtils: ofGetGLFormatFromInternal(): unknown internal format 34843, returning GL_RGBA

I believe this is from this line in ofxFluid:
initFbo(divergenceFbo, gridWidth, gridHeight, GL_RGB16F);

I have uploaded four images from a sequence showing the addition of obstacles and the result, displaying four of the different FBO’s used within ofxFluid. You can see them here:
Tumblr link with 4 photos

If more people can try ofxFluid (and ofxFX) with obstacles on El Capitan to see if it is just that system which has the problem, that would be great.

I’ve been running into the same problem on El Capitan 10.11.6 on a late 2013 macbook pro,. seems as if el capitan may be the problem, but haven’t tested on 10.10

I never used those addons so I might be wrong but based on those images @nosarious uploaded, it seems like alpha blending issue with FBO?

Are you using alpha blending? or any other blend mode for color? You might try to disabled alpha ofDisableAlphaBlending() in order to check just if those addons working fine.

If blending is the issue, this thread would be helpful