Problem: running examples Of_v0.9.3 osx (Xcode 7.3)

Hi all, new to the forum and also to openFrameworks!

Some days ago I switched to El Capitan (10.11.4) and consequently I got the latest version of Xcode (7.3).

I have tried to compile different examples, but I cannot get running the ones using QTKit.

They get successfully compiled, but I’m getting a warning saying that QTKit is deprecated in OSX 10.9.

I was not aware of this…but my question is :

There is a way to use again these examples (on osx) without QTKit ?

Thank you!

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I think it’s not an OS problem, these QTKit are only warnings… But I had the same confusion starting with openframeworks, turned out this box:

(the texture…-one) was on openframeworks, solved it by clicking on it and selecting the project instead…