Problem right clicking with Tablets

I’m working on a Windows 10 application using OFx v0.9.8 that is always showing the “right click press and hold” ring using a Wacom Bamboo. The tablet needs to solely function as a mouse, so I’m not using any plugins of any kind.

The ring only shows in this application, for some reason. Windows is in Desktop mode. I have all of the visual settings turned off using Group Policy, and right-click disabled in the “Pen and Touch” portion of the control panel.

Does anyone have tips for solving this?

Tell something more. What kind of app do you have? Is it developed on Windows? oF version? I guess it could be related to touch events. Do you use any special addon for touch events on Windows?

Sorry. I just updated the description to add more detail.

Sorry I cannot help. I don’t have this device. Maybe you should search topics like this:

Please, see comments below the movie.