Problem on Arch Linux - BadWindow error

I am running on Arch Linux and had not tried to run any of my OF programs for a couple of months and when I did recently using v 0.10.1 I unexpectedly got the same error on running all programs whether in the examples or my own programs. This happened on the 3 different arch machines - programs that used to run find stopped running with the error message below. I then downloaded and installed 0.11.0 in one of the machines and got the same result – the problem occurs as follows: a window opens and immediately closes with the following printed out to the console:

X error of failed request:  BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
Major opcode of failed request: 40 (X_TranslateCoordinates)
Resource id in failed request:  0x0
Serial number of failed request:  180
Current serial number in output stream:  180

make:  ***[.../of_v0.11.0/libs/openframeworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/ run] Error 1

I am running wayland and the sway wm and presume that OF executables are using xwayland. I don’t know which update to arch broke things (if that is what in fact happened) and I don’t see anyone else reporting this error but any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks,


we haven’t tested OF very much with wayland yet and indeed we have some code that is xwindows specific so i would recomend to keep using xwindows with OF by now


Thanks for the advice and you are correct - so just to close this out - I ran the same apps that failed under wayland/sway on gnome running X Windows and they all worked normally.

As more applications are running natively under wayland (eg, chrome, firefox, qt creator …) it would be great if that were true of OF. Let me know if there is any testing that would be helpful.



i think glfw, the library we use to create the window and opengl context, is working fine already with wayland but ofAppGLFWWindow still has some xwindows specific code to go to fullscreen and translate key presses into unicode codepoints so that needs to be translated to wayland.

as far as i know wayland still has some performance problems with opengl so in any case even if it worked i would still recommend to use xwindows by now with OF and similar