problem ios 4.2.1 (iphone 3G) + ofIphone


I’ve just gone through the marathon of getting my old iphone work with xCode4.4.1 after upgrading to Mountain Lion. However, now I can run an empty xCode example but am not able to figure out what else I need to change in openFrameworks release for iphone (“of_v0072_ios_release”) to make it work.
So far I have changed architecture to armv6, build sdk to ios4.2.1 (also tried only ios4.2) and also deployment target to ios4.2. Doing so I was able to reduce to just 1 fatal error (started with 8 or so…), which makes me almost happy already. But still, not working.
Here is the error message:
“Command /Applications/Xcode failed with exit code 1”
(see also attachments, one showing the changes I made, the other the complete error)
can anyone give me a hint?