Problem installing ofThread addon

Dear all
I just tried to install the ofThread addon [[]
I properly follow all the instruction described but I got this errors

1>c:\of\app\threadexample\src\testapp.h(7) : error C2504: ‘ofThread’ : base class undefined
1>c:\of\app\threadexample\src\testapp.h(19) : error C3861: ‘isThreadRunning’: identifier not found
1>c:\of\app\threadexample\src\testapp.h(19) : fatal error C1903: unable to recover from previous error(s); stopping compilation

I am using Visual C++ 2005 us compiler

does anybody have an idea?



did you follow step 2 of the instructions?

Dear Zach
thanks for your help.
Yes I mistake in step 2, I added the link in ofMain.cpp and not it ofMain.h

but there is two more small things that get me error. I think they are not too important but I would like to post to know what do you think about.

  • Sept 4. in ofConstants.h I have to change and put using namespace std in last order. I did like this:
    #include //for ostringsream
    #include //for setprecision
    using namespace std;

otherwise I got this bug
error C2871: ‘std’ : a namespace with this name does not exist

that make sense for you?. I found the solution in a blog in INternet. (I don´t remember where)

  • in testApp.h I have to comment the line ofDrawBitmapString(str, 10, 16);
    otherwise I got this bug

error C2664: ‘ofDrawBitmapString’ : cannot convert parameter 1 from ‘std::string’ to ‘char *’

and congratulation for your work.

hi yeah those are 0.02 -> 0.03 things you are feeling

we’ve - (I think) - handled those two issues in the next release and the problem with the addons is that we’ve changed quite a bit (moving to strings, for example) so there might be some hiccups as we put more stuff online - thanks for posting the fixes, they should be helpful to others in the meantime.