Problem installing ofTCPClientAndServer addon

Dear all
I try to install this addon and I tried to follow the instruction.txt
but I got lost. and I have more that 300 errors. looking like this
c:\program files\microsoft platform sdk for windows server 2003 r2\include\winsock2.h(112) : error C2011: ‘fd_set’ : ‘struct’ type redefinition

I am using Visual c++ 2005

I have the ofThread addon working.

provable I didn’t add to my project properly the ws2_32.lib

also I don’t know from where the ofAddons/ and ofAddons.h are coming from
this is provable for version 0.03?

please can somebody help me?


I think you might have an include in the wrong place or missing

can you please post a screenshot / copy of the *first* error

ofAddons comes in 0.03


maybe this helps ?…-00016.html

Yes Zach you are right again

I just added

#define _WINSOCKAPI_
#include <windows.h>

in ofConstants.h

the problems was because:

“It becoms because your windows.h include winsock.h, but CommonC++
include winsock2.h”

yep exactly -

folks might be guine-pigs a bit with addons, because we don’t test everything on every platform, but we (along with the other addon authors) will try to help any compile issues…

have fun with it and keep us posted !