problem installing codeblocks on Ubuntu11.04 Solved

Hi to all, I would like to use OF on linux and for this I have intalled Ubuntu 11.04 on an extern usb pen.I am new to ubuntu and linux. I have tried to install code block from Ubunt Software center. The installation process works fine but when I shut down my pc and launch again ubuntu I can-t found the codeblock application nor in the Startup menu nor in any folder. Is this normal ? what I have missed ? Also I have seen that is needed to install some dependencies to build the examples.I have tried to run the commands form terminal ( install I mean this : cd your_oF_directory/scripts/ubuntu

sudo ./

sudo ./

but seems that not works on Ubuntu 11.04. i receive this message: ./ command not found

Thanks for any help in advance :slight_smile:

i solved installing ubuntu 11.04 on an external hardDisk… i discovered that on a live usb it-s not possible to install codeblocks or another software… no problem at all also with the installation process of the dependencies…
i m sorry for these questions,… now i-m working on openframework on linux i-m very happy for this!