problem drawing a texture

Hi there, I’ve run into an interesting problem.

The first image is from my macbook. The second is what we get from a new mac mini, and from a new macbook pro. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I’m drawing the water plane from a video, using a transform matrix from ARToolKitPlus to position the monitor in OpenGL.

hmm - it could be a depth test issue?

try putting at the top of testApp::draw()


If things are drawn at exactly the same depth - different graphics cards can react differently.
Sometimes translating your drawing by small amounts in z can fix this.


Sometimes translating your drawing by small amounts in z can fix this.

We tried that too but didn’t fix the problem

i’ve come across a problem like this using ARToolkitPlus before. When it happened for me, it turned out to be a problem with the clip planes. I wound up needing to manually set the ARToolkit projection matrix’s near and far clip planes to values that suited the coordinates I was using. I suspect this might be your problem. Unfortunately, I don’t have the project this was for in front of me so you may have to sift through some of the ARToolkitPlus documentation / source code

That took care of a problem we encountered once I actually used an opengl clipping plane to remove the hippo’s geometry below the water. I doubled the far clipping value in the tracker’s init() method and it was fixed. We’ll be testing on the Mac Mini tomorrow and will see if it’s fixed there.