Problem copying/creating eclipse project in Android

I’m having an error trying to make a new project using the ‘copy project in workspace/rename’ approach in Eclipse/Android. I can build all the example projects and all seems happy (and I have my Eclipse workspace pointed towards the example dir), but when I try to copy/paste a project it halts with “project is missing required folder ‘srcJava’” and errors in the workspace like “Unable to get system library for this project”.

Obviously srcJava and the libs are in the project I am copying, but I don’t know why they don’t get copied, too! I can put them in ‘by hand’ and get the new project to work, but it seems pretty flaky.

running OS X 10.10.5, using Eclipse mars 4.5 and OF v 0.9.3 (also tried 0.9.0 to see if it made any difference (it didn’t).