Problem Compiling with XCode

When I try to compile my code with XCode 4, I get 3869 errors.

But all of them are relating to the ApplicationServices and CoreService and Carbon frameworks.

I do not understand why these errors are coming. They come just after I clean my build. If, I get back my build files into the build directory, the application builds correctly again

Any help will be appreciated

It sounds like your SDK may be incorrectly referenced. Try changing the settings to make sure that the project is pointing to the current OS X SDK.

In general though, Xcode 4 is really bad with openFrameworks. the indexing process that creates the autocomplete functions don’t seem to work with OF, and in general it’s really really slow.

Everyone that I’ve talked to who has tried it has gone back to Xcode 3, myself included. So be warned! =)


I am using the current mac os sdk – 10.6

I have managed to figure out the error happens in precompiling cabon.h

here---- maybe this screenshot will help —

i figured out what was going wrong

I had a file called Math.h in my project!

So, the compiler was getting confused between this Math.h and cmath’s math.h