Problem compiling with VS2017

I’m currently having two issues with running my first app. The first is saying that “The Windows SDK version 8.1 wasn’t found.” I’m assuming that I’ll just have to install that old sdk to get it to work, but was wondering if you guys might have anything to add on the matter. My second issue, I’m little more unsure of. It says, “The build tools for v140, cannot be found.” Not sure what this means, kinda assuming it might get fixed when I get the other windows sdk, but the other way i’m leaning is they seem to say that oFLib uses the GNU compiler, but I’m running on win10 and using VS2017.

tl;dr I’m having problems with mismatched sdk’s and possibly compilers. Looking for quick fixes preferably accompanied with links. I’m running win10 and using VS2017. Thanks ahead of time!!

OF 0.9.8 is not officially compatible with vs2017, but with vs2015. you should be able to make it work by using the v140 build tools or updating the project but you can also use the nightly builds which have a version for vs2017 and are stable enough to be used already since we are about to release the next version.

Been trying for an hour or two to get it working. I’ve cloned both the master and stable branches, checked that everything on my end is all the way up to date, installed v140 build tools. And still nothing. Is there anything else you can think of, short of installing vs2015? And what might it take to get oF ready to run on vs2017?

if you follow the install from github instructions it should work right away but also you can just donwload the nightly builds at the end of the download page: which are easier to use

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