Problem compiling OF on arch linux [SOLVED]

Hi all,

I’m having trouble (again) compiling of on arch linux. I haven’t touched of for a few weeks, and now it stopped working, so I suspect some update in the arch repos has broken something, but I have no idea what it may. be. I am running nightly build of_v20180215_linux64gcc6_release, and the same problem occured both with up to date vanilla kernel and rt-lts kernel from aur. Same issue with the of_v20170714_linux64gcc6_release.
This is the terminal output after running the included scripts/linux/ script

Any help much appreciated!


Hi! Maybe this? Temporary fix for GCC 7.3 not compiling GLM

Thanks! Would not even have known where to start on that one :slight_smile: Compiles and works! Now I can finally get some actual work done…

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