Problem Building & Running anything on OF0.8.0 on OSX10.9.1 with XCODE 3.2.5 - based on OSX 10.6 SDK

Hello community,
I’ve been using OF for a couple years and never had any major issue. I usually find answers on the forum when things go wrong, thanks to more knowledgable people sharing their solutions.

Since I downloaded OF0.8.0. , I have not been able to compile, build and run ANYTHING from the examples.

OF007 still works great, but I’m working on a Kinect project and I know that the Kinect modules have been included in the core for OF0.8.0. , which is why I wanted to update.

My computer runs Mavericks - OSX10.9.1. - I use XCODE 3.2.5. with a 10.6 SDK.
Again, OF007 works great! Unfortunately, I can’t get anything out of OF0.8.0.

I always get 25 errors when trying to compile examples from OF0.8.0. :
11 errors > Compile
10 errors > Compile
3 errors > Compile
1 error > (!) Command /Developper/usr/bin/g + ± 4.2 failed with exit code 1

It’s the same on every example. I’ve tried pretty much all of them.

Anyone with the same issue?
Anyone with a solution?

Any help greatly appreciated! :smile:

May be it is a silly question, but why don’t you upgrade to the newer XCode? It runs smoothly and (IIRC) it can be installed and run without having to remove the old one.

XC 5.02 and OF 080 should be fine.

The OF site recommands Xcode 3 - and OF007 works fine.
I am afraid of loosing the ability to work with it if I upgrade. But I guess it’s time to take that risk!

you can have multiple versions of xcode installed

I have done this and it works fairly well. Also you can use older SDKs w/ newer xcode, which helps for compiling against 10.6 for example.