Probably very simple image problem


Hi all, sorry about the complete idiocy of this question, but i cant seem to get images to work for me. I’ve looked through all of the examples and read everything i can find on it, but i give up.

I can make an image load properly by building the imageLoaderExample that’s all fine, but when i try to load the application from a different mac, or even from a different location on my mac i just seem to get a blank screen, or at least the contents of the data folder isn’t being found.

I’m really new to Xcode, so as simple instructions or a guide as possible would be fantastic.

Hope someone can help me. Thanks all! :smiley:


Are you sure that you’re keeping the image in the same relative path? If you move the application you also need to move the data folder as well so that it’s in the same directory as the .app file.


Yeah, I figured that out last night. Everythings fine with the data folder next to the app, but that’s kinda messy no?

Is there no way to have the data folder included inside the app itself?


Definitely do-able. Check this thread out:

and this:


Sir, you’re a star. Hope you find my PM somewhat flattering. :smiley: